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Kit Carson Lodge - Rustic Lakeside Cabins & Restaurant

Wine List


Wine   Winery Region          Tasting notes
1.Muscat Canelli   Lava Cap El Dorado Aromatic with inviting flavors of apricot, nectarine and mandarin orange. Light&refreshing
2.Muscat       Canelli   Runquist Plymouth This refreshing and lively wine delivers sweet flavors of apple and pear that dance on the palate
3.Chardonnay   Boeger El Dorado This wine opens with notes of apple, pear and Meyer lemon, framed by undernotes of toasted coconut and brioche from its time on French oak. Well balanced and rich, this wine has an expressive mouth feel, and finishes with hints of citrus zest
4.Chardonnay   Lava cap El Dorado Begins with inviting aromas of apple,dried apricot, and toasty oak. On the palate, enticing flavors of green apple,pear,lime,and vanilla
5.Pinot Grigio   Boeger El Dorado With aromatics of ripe pear,summer peach and lotus blossom,our vibrant Pinot Grigio offers regreshing flavors of juicy Bartlett pears and citrus with subtle traces of nutmeg  and spice
6.Sauvignon Blanc   Boeger El Dorado Tropical aromas of pineapple and banana with a hint of apricot on the end. This wine is soft and freshly with a clean,bright finish
7.Vin Gris
  Terre Rouge Plymouth A provincial styled dry rose. Great as an aperitif, on a hot afternoon.


Wine Winery Region Tasting Notes  
1.Cabernet sauvignon  Colibri   ridge El Dorado Full flavored and well balanced cabarnet with the wonderful flavor of black cherries,  without the over powering tannins that are found in most cab  
2.Cabenet sauvignon Lava cap El Dorado The 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon has a beautiful balance between the spicy tannins and the layers of berry,caramel,and stone fruit. This wine glows with the ripeness of our later harvest. 90 points  
3.Barbera Boeger El Dorado Butterscotch and burnt sugar Creme Brulee madness get all jammy with plum jelly, black currants,cassis and blackberry. Enjoy the rambunctious palate of tobacco and spice with great acidity and an up-in-your-business finish  
4.Barbera Lava cap El Dorado Vanilla notes great the nose and transition to a rich cherry bouquet. Juicy. bright berry flvers fill the rich full bodied mouth feel. Light tannis allow for a long soft finish  
5.Zinfandel Easton Amador Full black cherry and blackberry fruit aromas with a beautiful balance and a big,sumptuous,and juicy mouth feel. It also presents complex spicy aromas, with a nice creamy texture derived from the 10 months time it receives in French oak barrels  
6.Zinfandel Crystal basin Camino Medium-weight fruit expression with a lot of spice and a touch of rasberry on the finish  
7.Zinfandel Colibri ridge El Dorado This is a fruity style Zinfandel with the flavors of black cherries and plums. A light spicy peppery finish with overtones of vanilla from the toastes oak barrels.  
8.Syrah Parkmon Contra costa
Powerful aromas of jammy black fruitsat the core-black plum.A light spicy peppery finish with overtones of vanilla from the toasted oak barrels.  
9.Syrah Lava cap El dorado Begins with black and blue berry, and a touch of allspice highlight the wine's presentation. Sweet tannins frame the gentle focused finish  
10.Syrah Terre Rouge Plymouth Great flavor intensity and mouthfeel. 91points-Wine Enthusiast,Editor's choice. Our popular Syrah for every day pleasure is also a big hint in wine bars and restaurants across the US, Canada and England
11.Merlot Crystal Basin Cellars Camino Classic dark fruit,caramelized apple and powdery cocoa flavors.This is a powerful wine big rich with huge fruit and low tannins
12.Petite Syrah CG Diarie Shenandoah
Flavors or dark berries and chocolate dominate this wine. It has excellent balance and structure.
13.Petite Verdot Runquist Plymouth Loaded with bright perfurmed dark fruits;blackberry, marionberry,black currant and pomegranate. The bouquest takes a backseat to the strength of the fruit,but does provide a sweet toasted oak characters with notes of milk chocolate. On the pallet succulent juicy flavors of black fruits are presented by a smooth elegant wine with a creamy silku texture.
14.Sangiovese Lava Cap El Dorado Light friendly red with aromas or rose petal and berry. Finish is brisk with a hint of white pepper and spice
15.Carignane Parkmon Lamorinda Fruit-driven core of sour cherry and rasberry,accented by a hint of sweet tobacco,and allspice. The palate delivers delivers
16.Malbec Crystal Basin Cellars Camino El dorado Malbec has characteristics that fall somewhere between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with much more spiciness. The flavors can lead towards ripe plumps leading to a very clean finish
17.Grenache Crystal Basin Cellars Camino This classic Southern Rohne wine grape is packed with rich ripe strawberry flavors with a touch of spiciness and a lighter fruit-burst finish
Boeger El Dorado Aromas of black licore,plum,Shishito pepper,slight herbaceousness.Medium weight,smoked pepper on the palate with a clean finish with silky tannins
19.Sangiovese Parkmon Contra
Ripe red fruits, candied cherry,rhubarb,and blueberry cheesecake. This is definitly a big wine,but on the palate, bright acidity helps balance the huge expansion of ripe, concentrated flavors,redolent of berry jam with touch of spice.