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Four wine glasses

Wine List


Wine   Winery  Region
 Tasting notes  Price
Muscat Canelli   Lava Cap  El Dorado  Aromatic with inviting flavors of apricot, nectarine, and mandarin orange. Light&refreshing  $21/$9
Viognier   Terre Rouge  El Dorado  Traditional artisan manner made wine. Limited edition bottling  $21/$9
Chardonnay   Boeger  El Dorado  Notes of apple, pear and Meyer lemon w/ coconut undertones.  $23/$10
Chardonnay   Lava Cap  El Dorado  Aromas of apple, dried apricot, and toasty oak.  $23/$10
Pinot Grigio   Boeger  El Dorado  With aromas of ripe pear, peach and lotus blossom. Refreshing  $21/$9
Sauvignon Blanc   Scott Harvey  Amador  Produced in the crisp, delicate European style. Well balanced.  $21/$9
Sauvignon Blanc   Boeger  El Dorado  Tropical aromas of pineapple and banana with a hint of apricot.  $22/$9.5
Hangtown Gold   Boeger  El Dorado  Luscious, grown 10 miles from where gold was discovered.  $20/$9
Vin Gris D'Amador
  Terre Rouge  Plymouth  A provincial styled dry rose. Great on a hot afternoon  $21/$9
Tickle me Pink   Scott Harvey  Amador  Sassy, sexy, and a bit mischievous. Perfect for a girl's night out.  $20/$9
Kougar Kool-Aid   Crystal Basin  Camino  Classic table wine with subtle hints of fruit.  $22/$9


Wine   Winery  Region
 Tasting notes  Price
Award winning Bordeaux   Placerville  *  Aged in French and American barrels  $26/$12
Cabernet Sauvignon   Gold Hill  El Dorado  Beautiful balance between tannins. Layers of berry and caramel  $26/$12
Cabernet Sauvignon   Lava Cap  El Dorado  Beautiful balance between tannins. Layers of berry and caramel  $26/$12
Barbera   Boeger  El Dorado  Butterscotch, burnt sugar crème brulee, along with jammy Plum jelly, black currant, cassis makes this French smelling wine tops.  $23/$10
Barbera   Lava Cap  El Dorado  Vanilla notes in this juicy rich cherry bouquet. Light tannins  $26/$11
Zinfandel   Easton  Amador  Full black cherry & blackberry fruit aromas with a beautiful balance, sumptuous feel. Complex spicy aromas, creamy texture.  $22/$9.5
Zinfandel   CG DiArie  Amador  Aged in oak for 15 months, strong aroma of blackberry, pepper.  $21/$9
Zinster   Easton  Plymouth  A More floral Zinfandel, shaped by whole cluster fermentation.  $28/$12
Syrah   Lava Cap  El Dorado  Begins with black and blueberry, with allspice. Sweet tannin finish.  $26/$11
  Terre Rouge  Plymouth  Our popular Syrah for everyday pleasure. 91 points, Wine Enthusiast.  $23/$10
Merlot   Crystal Basin  Camino  Classic dark fruit, caramelized apple and cocoa flavors. Low tannins.  $32
Petite Syrah   CG DiArie  Shenandoah  Flavors of dark berries and chocolate dominate this wine.  $30
Petite Syrah   Gold Hill  El Dorado  Ripe jam and berry fruits with a touch of clove and anise.  $28
Sangiovese   Lava Cap  El Dorado  Light red with aromas of rose petal and berry.  $24/$10.5


Kit Carson Lodge proudly sources local wineries for our wine list

Wine   Winery  Region
 Tasting notes  Price
Malbec   Crystal Basin  Camino  Characteristics of Cabernet and Merlot, with more spice.  $26
Cabernet Franc   Boeger  El Dorado  Aromas of black licorice, plum and pepper, with silky tannins.  $27
Pinot Noir   Crystal Basin  Camino  El Dorado style of big fruit, low tannins and smooth finish.  $45


Wine   Winery  Region
 Tasting notes  Price
American River Red   Lava Cap  El Dorado  Aromas of dark cherry, blackberry and hint of clove  $21/$9
Tete-A-Tete   Terre Rouge  Plymouth  Easy drinking red like those of Rhone Valley. Rhone blend with ratio of petit Syrah and mourvedre.  $23/$10
NV5311   Gold Hill  El Dorado  Easy drinking red like those of Rhone Valley. Rhone blend with ratio of petit Syrah and mourvedre.  $24/$10.5
Summer Breeze   CG DiArie  Shenendoah  A crisp dry red wine bursting with fruit flavor.  $23/$10